Learn about how our player account NFT’s will change your gaming experience
Just as DeFi is changing the game for borrowing and lending markets, allowing protocols to provide stablecoin yields higher than any bank can compete, NFT’s will allow game developers to distribute their games and in-game items without Steam’s heavy 30% revenue share. NFT’s will give gamers unique opportunities to earn yield on or monetize their virtual assets with efficiencies traditional game publishers can’t compete with.
Introducing pNFT’s
Our NFT’s are carbon neutral and live on Solana’s lightning fast network. We utilize hash power to store even the largest, most complex data files on the blockchain without having to compress the data or sacrifice elements of that data. With this, we can store intricate player data such as in-game account, games played, achievements, rank, among other key pieces of data to allow for renting and selling of player accounts. The idea of player accounts as NFT’s we coin pNFT’s (player NFT’s).
Player Account Monetization
Our pNFT technology allows players to resell games and accounts within our ecosystem. Why stop at tokenizing your in-game items when you can monetize everything from your rank to in-game achievements and level unlocks. Imagine being able to earn passive income by renting out your maxed out Skybound account!
First NFT & Mobile specific crypto wallet
The perfect mobile wallet with complete features as the sign-up portal in any one of our mobile games. Allow gamers to access the benefits/potential of NFT’s by simply playing. StormeWallet will be the App Store of crypto games. It will give a push for independent nft game companies to learn and grow within the gaming space while providing an option for a secure decentralized wallet for every gamers assets.
Gaming specific NFT marketplace
Our marketplace will be built to support the renting and selling of our pNFT’s and be tailored specifically for the trading of in-game items. Additionally, there will be a workshop to connect creators with gamers ranging from item skins to game mods giving the creative capabilities and ownership back to the creators.
5,000 hand-drawn avatars
to kickoff your unique
gaming experience
Introducing our genesis pNFT’s: the Dragonoids. Hidden in the far distant planet of Mekon lives the empire of the Dragonoids harnessing the power of Meka, God of Bonds. Each Dragonoid stores the power of Meka in which it uses to store every detailed data of battle. Be one of the first to acquire a Dragonoid and harness the power of Meka itself!
The exclusive genesis NFT collection will provide users with priority access to all future Gamestorme games and NFT drops.
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