Come get to know the team behind Gamestorme! Follow the powerful journey the team had to go through from hurricanes and earthquakes to become the first Blockchain Gaming company in Puerto Rico.
Our story
Gamestorme was first started by Joel and Adrian in mid-2017 from their home in Aguada, Puerto Rico. They had created Gamestorme as an outlet to express their creativity and love for game design and development. Being avid Counter-Strike players, they were all too familiar with the pain of transferring in-game skins for real world value. From getting scammed to having to use shady third party websites, the world outside the in-game economy was the wild west with no protection for gamers. Thus, when they saw how NFT's could allow in-game assets to be truly owned by players and traded anywhere on the blockchain for real-world currency, they knew that blockchain gaming was the answer to their problems.

We at Gamestorme see our role in the blockchain gaming space as not only one that needs to continue to challenge the industry's standard for player monetization, ownership, and content creation, but also as the first blockchain gaming company in Puerto Rico; a role-model and trail-blazer for Puerto Rican blockchain gaming.
Our Journey
Gamestorme Founded
Gamestorme was founded by Joel and Adrian in mid-2017 from their passion in game design and development. After a few weeks of discussion, their first game idea was born: Project Hop. To bring Project Hop to life, they needed talented artists. Thus enters Ercrypto and Jorge, our two beloved artists that have been with us throughout all the ups and downs.
Hurricane Maria
Midway through developing Project Hop however, Puerto Rico got hit by Hurricane Irma and the devastating Hurricane Maria, wiping out all development for Project Hop in the process. Months of no power and no water meant that everyone had to find ways to adapt and survive in their new post Maria lifestyle. Some members ended up leaving for the US, while others chose to stay and rebuild what was lost. This unfortunately put a hold on Gamestorme's development.
In late 2019, Joel contacted Adrian in hopes of restarting Gamestorme, this time as a blockchain gaming company. To reflect this, Ali and Confessor (smart contract developer and game developer respectively) were added to team.
Once Covid hit, we found ourselves underfunded and once again had to put development on hold. While the project was not moving, Adrian managed to move his way up from working at as an IT specialist to becoming a software engineer, Joel was using his time outside his day job to hone his skills in investing, smart contract development and business management, and the rest of we were all honing their skills in their perspective fields. In August of 2021, Teagan joined Gamestorme with the funds to start development again.
A New Plan
Seeing the potential of the team, Teagan became project manager for the company and worked to fulfill Gamestorme's mission by introducing PNFT's, a mobile specific crypto-wallet, and the NFT marketplace. With the idea of PNFT's, we applied for Solana's hackathon and were blown away by the support of Solana’s developer community. We met some extremely talented individuals, one of which ended up joining our team—Proharvester—whom helped us build our website, mint page functionality, and mint our NFT’s.
The Journey Begins
It has been an amazing journey filled with ups and downs. The people we’ve met along the way have been nothing less than a blessing, and we hope to bring as many along with us as possible through this journey started by a couple of gamers. As the Storme has only just begun.
Our team
Joel Rodriguez
Joel, or "Grillo" as those close to have fondly named him, is a musician and a composer with a passion for technology. Joel has been pursuing a career in game music composition since 2012 after enrolling in Full Sail University in music production.

The year 2017 was a pivotal point that marked Joel for the rest of his life as he was introduced to the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. After enduring many challenges among them multiple natural disasters and the pandemic, Joel continues to thrive as the CEO of Gamestorme. Being a pioneer as the first Blockchain Gaming publisher in Puerto Rico.
Lizmarie Roldán Valentín
Lizmarie Roldan Valentin has been working in various roles throughout the Human Resources field. Since 2017, she has helped multiple companies succeed in areas such as talent acquisition, department policies and onboarding.
As she courses to finish her bachelors in Business Administration, she plays a pivotal role in Gamestorme's rapid growth. Her expertise brings guidance and helps keep the team tethered all within our virtual environment.
Carlos Badillo
Carlos has always been an out-of-the-box thinker from an early age, always looking for ways to “fix what’s not broken”. Naturally his curiosity for knowledge aligned with his passion for technology is what motivated him to pursue a bachelor’s in computer science.
With vast experience in managerial roles, he brings ideas and problem-solving skills to Gamestorme. His laser focused tenacity and his experience in fast paced environments makes him a key figure in our company’s growth.
Game Dev
Confessor Rodriguez
Confessor began his studies for programming and networking in 2014 with dreams of someday working in the video game industry. This dream took an unfortunate twist and for some time seemed out of reach. Fast-forward to September 2017, he met Joel whilst working as a telemarketer. Shortly after, Joel asked Confessor to join him in building Gamestorme.
Since then the dream of working in video games has reignited and he is now working alongside of experts in the field of crypto and gaming as CAO for Gamestorme. Confessor is lead in the gaming development team and is endlessly working to put Gamestorme on the map.
Jermian Román
Jermian began his interest in electronics from an early age, this inspired him to obtain a vocational degree in industrial electronics followed by a technician's degree in biomedical technology.
Always achieving high levels of performance, he has excelled as a sales executive for various organizations, allowing him to fine tune his abilities with customer relations. In addition, he brings exceptional research skills well needed for our fast paced company.
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